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    Welcome to SafeGuard Adolecent Services

SAFESAFEGUARD Adolescent Services offers twenty years combined experience working with troubled teenagers, including 26 years of actual safe pick up and transportation of teenagers to agencies of destination. SAFEGUARD has an on staff M.S.W. and a Behavioral Analyst enabling us to provide assessment and supportive counseling for family and client. The step by step procedure for SAFEGUARD transport services is described as:

  • A family contacts SAFEGUARD adolescent services by telephone, fax or e-mail. The contact follows a referral from a residential treatment center or educational consultant,
  • A background history form, transport and fee contract are secured and authorized by both the guardian and SAFEGUARD professionals.
  • SAFEGUARD professional’s contact SAFEGUARD transport agent who are trained and experienced in behavior intervention, crisis management, assault response as well as transportation of high-risk youth.
  • SAFEGUARD professionals contact airlines to arrange transportation itinerary for both the agent and referred child. Other transportation arrangements are made when necessary such as; rental car agreement, overnight housing.
  • Transporting agent’s travel to a predetermined location taking physical custody of referred child. Both the child’s guardian and SAFEGUARD professionals predetermine the location.
  • Transporting agents provide care, protection, and supervision by same sexed adult (s) who is/are trained supervisors of adolescents; food, transportation, vehicles and medical care in case of accident or illness during escort. The agent is expressly authorized by guardian contract (see attachment) to use reasonable and appropriate physical containment’s deemed necessary in order to assure the safe and effective transport of the minor child. The transporting agents remain in continual contact with SAFEGUARD professionals during entire transport process.
  • The Transport agents deliver as well as pass physical custody of minor child directly to authorized agents designated agency. The agents notify SAFEGUARD administration upon completion of transport.
  • Upon completion of the transport SAFEGUARD professionals notify referred child’s guardians. SAFEGUARD professionals provide consultation and follow up to referred family.
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