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    Welcome to SafeGuard Adolecent Services

SAFESAFEGUARD Adolescent Services offers a new option for the temporary placement of adolescent males and females. The placement is developed to provide a safe environment for teens while waiting to enter a program, making a transition from short term treatment to long term treatment, in the process of changing treatment programs or serving suspension time from an academic boarding school.

SAFEGUARD Adolescent Services offers twenty-five years combined experience working with at risk teenagers, including 26 years of actual safe pick up and transportation of teenagers to residential programs. Over 15 years of in home family consultation, transition and behavioral services. All employees are trained in crisis intervention and assault response techniques, which insures client safety. SAFEGUARD has an on staff M.S.W. and a Behavioral Analyst enabling us to provide assessment and supportive counseling for family and client.

SafeGuard Interim House

The interim placement option is conveniently located in LehiUtah40 minutes from the Salt Lake City International airport with quick and efficient access to and from over 40 Utah based treatment and academic programs. The placement offers 24 hour individual supervision with addition support staff in home. The placement is limited to 3 or less occupants at anytime enabling individualized supervision and safety benefits.

As needed service options include but are not limited to medical physicals, individual therapeutic support, academic support, medication dispensed with supervision by registered nurse.

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